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Sukri Dates

Popular among Arabs and known as ‘Royal dates’, Sukri dates are hard and cone-shaped with yellow skin and firm, mildly sweet flesh with crystallised sugars which give them a pleasantly crisp bite.

Ajwa Fakhirah Dates

Ajwa Dates are known to Muslims as the ‘holy date’. These extraordinary dates with their soft brown-black skin and mildly sweet flesh melt in the mouth with a delightful sugary taste.

Irani Dates (500g)

Taste the sweetness of Irani Dates this Ramadan Irani Dates are a delicious and nutritious treat that is perfect for breaking your fast during Ramadan. Whether you're looking for a healthy snack or a sweet treat to indulge in after a long day of fasting, Irani Dates are the perfect choice.
Box Price
1 380
12 370
24 360
48 350
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