AL-QAMAR is not a simple watch with Islamic calendar but it has very impressive other specifications too. It has Quran bookmark feature which helps you in reminding what the last Ayah you left from which Surah is. It shows Qibla direction that no matter wherever you are the compass show the right direction. Azan time is calculated upto 1000 cities of world by built in algorithm and that helps you in alarming in your busy schedules to pray with its accurate calculation according to your current location. The moon age knowledge is also provided in AL-QAMAR.  Alarm, GPS and stopwatch is the additional feature. The value-added features of this digital Islamic watch are Auto GMT, battery status indicator that shows when the battery gets empty and you need to replace, it is water and scratch resistant, volume adjustment option and language selection. Currently, two languages are available i.e. English and Arabic.

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1000 Cities Feature: It adjusts and set prayer timings automatically by selecting any country or city manually by its easy settings.

Quran Bookmark Feature: It helps user to book mark Quran Ayat.

Qibla Direction: The digital compass is used to show the right direction of Qibla.

Azan Time Alarm: This alarm ring according to the location, prayer & timings.

Location Guide: It has digital GPS that helps you to navigate easily.

Battery Status: Indicates the status of battery charging.

Water Resistant: This wrist watches resist water and sweat that prolongs the life of watch.

Volume Adjustment: User can easily control the volume of alarm.

Languages: English & Arabic.

Moon Age: Islamic dates and calendar can be followed through this watch.

Time Format: ( AM/PM) or 24 hours.

Stop Watch: It also helps user to use stopwatch feature.