Smart E-Quran AK-777 Gold


Ahsan ul Kalam AK-777 has been composed with ease of use being its main objective for individuals to learn.

Quran Recitation can be amended and improved using this state of the art technology.

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AK 777 is a splendid assisting device with various features to help individuals with recitation, reading, learning and understanding of Holy Quran. This capable device is one of its kind innovation. It reads any page, part or verse from the Holy Quran electronically. Simply indicate the gadget on any part of the page and begin listening to it. To read one particular page, just scan the page number through the kalam. On the other hand you can hear any verse from any page by scanning the content of that verse.
AhsanulKalam has novel elements which you may have never seen in the previous modules. This wonderful gadget will help you as a custom made teacher to educate you in a way Holy Quran ought to be presented.
Not only that, but you can also memorize Quran by heart only by selecting the option.


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